Workshop ISO22400 and Standard Industry 4.0

Pubblicato il 21/07/2017

Workshop ISO22400 e Standard Industry 4.0

Large participation at the “KPI in Manufacturing Operations Management – Evolution of ISO 22400 and Industry 4.0 standards” workshop, held on July the 7th at “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, with the presence of representatives of companies from several industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Defense, Large Scale Consumer Goods Trade, Automotive, Management Consulting, IT etc. as well as academics from several universities.

In the first part, Prof. Massimiliano M. Schiraldi, Italian delegate to the ISO and IEC workgroups on KPIs in Operations Management and Smart Manufacturing, illustrated the general process for defining new standards and the different roles of each actor. He described the evolution of ISO 22400 (“KPI in Manufacturing Operations Management”) along with the activities being carried out at National or International level on Industry 4.0 paradigm standards setting.

Workshop ISO22400 e Standard Industry 4.0Prof. Schiraldi underlined why Italy should increase its effort in these activities, following and anticipating the path taken by other countries, such as Germany and United States. At the end of the event, he invited the audience to show their actual interest in collaborating with national organizations for standard setting initiatives in these fields.

Francesco Minà – Execution System Director of COE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Platform, Janssen Pharmaceuticals of Johnson & Johnson – held his speech in the second part of the workshop. He underlined the value and the advantages coming from standard definition, stimulating the audience to deeply think about the critical role of standardization in an historical period, where industries are increasingly heading towards product customization.

Workshop ISO22400 e Standard Industry 4.0The positive feedback by the participants has demonstrated not only the specific interest on these topics but also the great opportunities coming from the strong collaboration between academic and industrial world.

“Tor Vergata” University of Rome is not new to these initiatives; for example, the 2016 workshop dedicated to KPIs in the pharmaceutical sector, organized in a similar way, had a great turnout as well.

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