S95 Standard

Pubblicato il 16/06/2017

S95 (short for ANSI/ISA-95) is the reference standard in batch automation and control, it provides guideline to efficiently define and manage information exchange between business and manufacturing control systems.

S95 Standard brings a company-wide perspective to system integration that allows you to take thousands of actions and data points and boil them down to an understandable framework.

(Dave Gehman, Contributing Editor Automation World)

  • Provides a reference model to define and integrate business and manufacturing activities
  • Closes the gap between business automation and process automation
  • Eases assessment and evaluation of requirements for implementationof new system solutions in the MOM area
  • Enables cross-functional alignment on terminology and methodology
  • Provides comprehensive categorization of manufacturing functionalities

Applying S95 Standard to the standardization of information exchange, during integration projects between ERP and MES/MOM area, guarantees both technical and business advantages:

  • Eases identification of best fit solution / changes
  • Reduces Integration costs due to standard format
  • Eases comparison of company facilities
  • Eases proceduralization of workflows / SOPs
  • Simplifies writing requirements for end‐users and vendor understanding of requirements
  • Reduction of Project rollout duration from 1-2 year to 2-4 month
  • Increase of Project success Rate from 50% to 90%

OM Team supports the process of introducing the Standard S95 through projects related to:

  1. Scope & Areas of Application Definition
    • Definition of project boundaries
    • Identification of ISA 95 applicable areas
    • Definition of business requirements
  2. Process/Systems Analysis & Mapping
    • Assessment of the MOM landscape (Production, Maintenance, Quality, Inventory, Other) based on S95 hierarchy and activity models
  3. Gap analysis and Road map definition
    • Priority identification and gap analysis
    • Definition of deployment & roll-out plans
    • Definition of evaluation metrics for implementation
  4. Support to project execution
    • Support to the implementation of automation / integration strategies in the MOM area (MES, LIMS, WMS, BES, AM, other)

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