Pharma Industrial Efficiency Benchmark

Pubblicato il 24/04/2017

Operations Management Team is the Partner for Italy since 2015 for the Pharma Industrial Efficiency Benchmark project.

It has been promoted together with the Spanish consultancy ManageArt and has been consolidated for years in Spain and Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. The Benchmark tool is dedicated exclusively to pharmaceutical plants.

The metering system compares, in an anonymous manner, detail data of 600 indicators organized in 21 KPIs. These indicators are divided into groups:

  • Industrial area
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Upstream and Downstream Logistics, including Distribution.

It is possible to stratify information on any size of analysis, including

  • Pharmaceutical form
  • Geographic location
  • Dimensional class and turnover
  • Business type (ethics, OTC, generic, etc.)
  • Distribution channel (hospitals, wholesalers, detail)

In this way, you can show a comparison with the most interesting competing companies for each participant, in the distribution of values, median values, and best-in-class mean value for each indicator.

One of the key successes of Pharma Industrial Efficiency Benchmark is the ability to reach detail information and to be able to segregate it to meet the right competitors.

The Pharma Industrial Efficiency Benchmark is so organized:

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Data collection phase, with supervision and support of Operations Management Team
  • Intermediate Workshop, for critical review of collected data records
  • Final workshop, for the presentation of the results.

The tool helps companies in data collection structuring, providing comprehensive and comprehensive framework for measuring industry performance.

The exercise of Benchmark, by identifying areas for improvement and quantification of savings quantifiable in economic terms, allows the management to assess the appropriateness of interventions for improvement in terms of cost / benefit.

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