Operational Excellence is an approach that allows company to continuously improve, avoiding all non value added activities.

OM Team department of Operational Excellence uses a set of typical opeartions management methods and tools for continuous improvement of the performance of production processes, but also ensuring both the efficient use of resources and, on the other hand, the effectiveness of these processes.

As approach aimed at achieving excellence in general, it potentially targets all efficiency losses, whether related to product quality problems or inefficient use of resources.

Production and Maintenance

ProduzioneMain issues

  • Unavailability of the equipment due to long set-up and frequent failure
  • High cost for maintenance
  • High cost for waste
  • Not optimized production plan
  • Not optimized work place

Proposed Solutions

  • Production planning optimization – Revision of demand planning criteria and Material Requirement Planning parameters. Implementation of Just-In-Time/TOC/OPT criteria
  • Lean Manufacturing – Optimization of production process, cells or lines, through kaizen approach, introduction of lean management approach
  • Maintenance Optimization – Review of maintenance policies, and spare parts management. Definition of KPI scorecard for maintenance.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Main issuesLogistica

  • High costs for product and material storage
  • Low efficiency of material handling
  • High levelof working capital
  • High obsolescence of stored materials
  • High cost for distribution

Proposed Solutions

  • Supply Chain Design & Management – Definition of number, localization and capability of distribution centre. Evaluation of centralization of distribution centers.
  • Warehouse Optimization – Definition of occupied areas, path for picking and stacking activities, means for material handling, analysis of the automation opportunity.
  • Inventory Management – Reduction of working capital, increase of the service level through the definition of the right re-order level,  safety stock, and distribution of stocks along the supply chain.

Quality and Processes

Main issuesControllo Processo

  • High cost for process waste due to quality issues
  • Unreliable process, high performance variability
  • Lack of control on process performance
  • Lack of control on supplier and incoming materials
  • Inefficient document management system (long operating procedures, unreachable documents, etc.)

Proposed Solutions

  • Total Quality Management – Process redesign on the basis of value added, identification of Critical-to-Quality activities/characteristics and related impact on process/product, definition of continuous improvement system (KPI scorecard, benchmarking, etc.)
  • Six Sigma & Statistical Process Control – Evaluation of process resilience, process variability reduction, avoidance of error causes
  • Quality Management System – Definition of Quality Management System, compliant to ISO 9000 standards: system for selection and qualification of suppliers, system for control and monitor process performance, document management system, etc.

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