Operational Excellence in Pharma Industry

Pubblicato il 16/06/2017

Operational Excellence in Pharma Industry includes all of OM Team Pharma-specific competencies. Operational Excellence is based on the technical-economic analysis of opportunities for improvement and optimization and streamlining of processes. This approach lowered into reality Pharma should still be aware of the constraints and specificities of the sector.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Main issues

  • High costs of raw materials
  • Voluminous conditioning materials and limited spaces
  • Waiting times required for analysis of raw materials
  • Materials/Products obsolescence
  • High costs of wastes management
  • Maintenance of the environmental conditions or special regulations

Proposed Solutions

Re-design of the stocking-area layout aims to minimize material handling cost, but also involves:

  • minimize fixed asset costs
  • increase space occupancy, movement performance, material accessibility
  • guarantee Service level and material availability
Typical projects in Logistics & SCM are:
  • Optimization of warehouse structure
  • Re-Layout and process analysis
  • Stock rationalization and reduction
  • Opportunity / feasibility / suitability of automation solutions
  • Opportunity / feasibility / suitability of software implementation analysis
  • Storage locations and warehouse management
  • Distribution network re-design

Production & Maintenance

Main issues

  • Low efficiency of the production lines due to idling, minor stops and reduced speed
  • High complexity due to several presentations/formats and thus setup
  • High maintenance costs to ensure maximum availability of the production lines

Proposed Solutions

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. LEAN implementation lead to:
  • Increase manpower performance
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Avoid equipment / parts defect
  • Reduce of set-up time, batch size and costs
  • Reduce failure and maintenance costs
  • Optimize overall efficiency and spare-parts management
  • Maximize efficiency, lean culture and intuitive organization
  • Eliminate wastes

Quality & Processes

Main issues

  • Very high release cycle-time
  • Complicated processes difficult to manage and to be monitored
  • Unclear procedures and sometimes redundant
  • Inefficient documental structure and incomplete information flows
  • Analytical activities aimed to emergencies handling and out of control
  • Frequent deviations and inadequate monitoring/mitigation system

Proposed Solutions

  1. BPM & Process Improvement. BPM techniques allow to:
    • Analyze utilized resources in order to balance workloads
    • Improve efficiency in the information exchange and in documental structure
    • Identify improvement opportunities to reduce the lead-time
  2. Lean Lab. Lean Lab allows laboratory activities to:
    • Ensure to reduce process losses with leaner flows of people and materials
    • Focus on activities with higher added value, those analytical ones

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